8 Amp Panel Mount Battery Charger w/ Tester

8 Amp Panel Mount Battery Charger w/ Tester


The 8 amp panel mountable battery charger is complete with a button-activated battery and alternator tester for 12V lead-acid batteries and features a 3-step charging process.

3-step Charging Technology:

  1. Constant-Current Charge -- when the battery voltage is lower than set point, it will charge the battery at the max. current which is called quick charging.
  2. Constant-Voltage Charge -- when the battery is almost been fully charged, the charger will limit the current automatically.
  3. Float Charge -- when the battery voltage reaches the settled float voltage of 13.5V, it will automatically switch to the float charging condition with current of 0.1A~0.3A.


    • Input: AC 120V, 60Hz,
    • Output: DC 12V
    • Charge Current: Max. 8 Amp
    • Type of Battery Used: 12V Lead-Acid Battery
    • Efficiency: > 90%
    • Battery Cables: 24", 16 AWG
    • Lead Wire: 3-Prong Plug
    • Size: 175x015x60mm
    • Weight: 1.0 kg
    • Shell: Aluminum